Solway Plain - past and present by the Holme St Cuthbert History Group

The Plain People have always been enthusiastic amateur sportsmen and women. Allonby green was a popular place for all kinds of sporting activities.

The Village Sports Day took place during the second week in August. A wide range of events was arranged for the local children.

Allonby Sports Girls' egg and spoon race Allonby Sports Boys' three-legged race
Allonby Sports Boys' Sack Race These pictures were taken in the very early 1900s. The local girls were highly-skilled at egg and spoon racing while the boys concentrated on the more manly activities such as the three-legged event and the sack race.

Allonby, Tennis on the green, early 1900s

Tennis and hotly-contested cricket matches also took place on the green. Each year the local lads played cricket against the boys from the Cockermouth Industrial School, an institution for ‘young offenders’.

Allonby, Cricket on the green, early 1900s

Mawbray also had its Sports Day. The Tug-of-War was a particularly popular event for the super-fit local farm lads.

Mawbray Sports, Tug of War, 1949



Silloth, Mixed Hockey Team, 1912

In Silloth, things were rather more formally organised. The mixed Hockey team had an enviable record in the local league and the Bowling Club had a fine green of Solway-washed turf.

Silloth Bowling Club, early 1900s

Silloth Golf Club, first tee, 1920s Cecil Leach

The Silloth Club has produced many fine golfers over the years, notably Cecil Leitch who won three British Ladies championships between 1914 and 1921. She is pictured, on the right at St. Andrews in 1908, aged 17.

Allonby Golf Clubhouse, early 1900s Allonby Golf Club, Opening Day 1910
Not to be outdone by the neighbours, Allonby also opened its own nine-hole course in 1910. A luxurious Clubhouse was provided for the members.
Silloth Motor Cycle Races Programme Silloth Airfield Racing Circuit

In the 1970s, the old World War I airfield at Silloth was a venue for motor cycle racing. Stock Car races were also held there.

Cumberland Foxhouds Meet on Silloth Green
Foxhounds at Edderside Field sports were always popular with the farming community. The Cumberland Foxhounds met regularly, sometimes on Silloth green, sometimes at a local farm such as the Cockburn family’s place at Edderside, where the huntsmen enjoyed a stirrup cup before the hunt.

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Silloth Golf Club

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